7 Fast Facts About Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell

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Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden died while on tour in Detroit. He was only 52. Here are some quick highlights and facts about his life you may not have known.

  • His vocal range was thought to be four octaves, or 32 notes, which is an impressive feat for any vocalist. The average vocal range is between two and three octaves.
  • He was a Beatles fan as a child and collected any Beatles album he could get his hands on.
  • Like many musicians, he worked in the restaurant business prior to making it big. Cornell was a Sous-Chef at Ray’s Boathouse, a seafood restaurant.
  • He had a brief cameo in the 1992 movie “Singles.”
  • He released 22 albums, including 5 solo albums produced during his two solo runs.
  • Cornell didn’t like explaining the meanings of his songs, believing that it was up to the fans to derive their own meanings.
  • He once told Rolling Stone that he couldn’t connect with music unless it had a “visceral nature” or a melancholy tone.

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