8 Fast Facts About Windows 10 S

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Microsoft unveiled a new version of Windows, dubbed Windows 10S at an event today. While we won’t know everything about it until it is released, here’s what we do know.

  • It will only be able to run apps downloaded from the Windows Store.
  • It is being marketed to schools as a new alternative to chromebooks.
  • Microsoft says it will only take 15 seconds after logging in for Windows 10 S to be ready to use.
  • Battery life for the new laptops will be about 14 hours.
  • It comes with a free 1-year license to Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • Schools can upgrade to Windows Pro for free if they find Windows 10 S to be too restrictive. Individuals wishing to upgrade will have to shell out $50.
  • The ability to upgrade windows 10 S to Windows Pro is designed to be in the hands of a teacher via a USB key. This would seemingly allow a teacher to trust some students with the full version, but not the entire class.8
  • Prices for the first set of Windows 10 S computers that roll of the production line will start at $189.

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