Did Donald Trump Call Republicans ‘The Dumbest Group of Voters?’

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Pro tip: If you see an internet meme about a politician, it is most likely false. Don’t share it until you verify it.

A meme that started circulating during the 2016 election shows a picture of Donald Trump, with a fake quote in which he calls Republicans “the dumbest group of voters.” While it may use some of Trump’s vocabulary, it isn’t anything Trump has said.


Trump reportedly once had a good relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton and has in the past admitted to being liberal on some social issues and on healthcare. But decades before running for president, Trump claimed to be a registered republican. In the late 90s, Trump was courted by the Reform party and considered leaving the GOP. He doesn’t have a history of holding a strong allegiance to a single political party, nor does he have a history of disliking the republican party enough to insult all of its voters.

As Snopes.com points out, another telltale indicator that this is false is the fact that Trump references Fox News. Fox News was not nearly as prominent in 1998 as it is today, and it was not viewed at the time as a conservative news source.

In an interview with People Magazine’s Julie Farin, told FactCheck.org, “We couldn’t find anything remotely like this quote –and no interview at all in 1998.”

No quote, no interview that year with People, and no truth to this meme.


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Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA