Did Ben Carson say slavery was the best thing that could have happened to African Americans?

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The 2016 presidential campaign brought us several gems of misinformation all of the presidential candidates, including Ben Carson, who now serves as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The image below started showing up on Twitter and Facebook and shows a pro-slavery quote attributed to Carson.

The problem is, Ben Carson never said those words. Whoever created the image knowingly distributed misinformation to the public, and unfortunately, the average Joe doesn’t fact-check before sharing bad info on social media. Even worse, the myth behind this is still prevalent even after the election.

According to fact-checking website snopes.com, Carson is not responsible for this quote. However, Carson is on record for saying that Obamacare was the worst thing to happen to the United States since slavery. You’re free to do with that statement what you will, but while exaggerated, it isn’t even close to the made up quote in the image above.

Smear tactics are common in politics and the Internet has given those who choose to throw mud a platform to spread rumors faster than ever before. Unfortunately, the size and scope of the Internet also make it difficult to walk back those smear campaigns. Be careful before you click “share.”

Ben Carson” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA

  • grgreene

    How does infonerdz know he didn’t say it, especially if they DON’T know who DID distribute it?? Isn’t THAT the question? Were the original distributors RUSSIAN?