5 Loony Laws

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When state legislatures or lawmakers of any kind gather, you can rest assured they will come up with some of the strangest and unnecessary rules and regulations known to man. Here are five such strange laws that will get your head shaking.

5 Loony Laws

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    Don't Tattoo Fido in New York

    In New York, it is illegal to get your pets tattoos. Despite the obvious question of why you would tattoo the skin of a furry animal, you might be wondering why on earth such a law exists. Turns out a tattoo artist put gave his pitbul a tat during spleen surgery. In addition to tattoos, the law also makes piercings for pets illegal. Don't worry though, if you really want Spot to sport those new earrings, the penalty is $250 or 15 days in jail.

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    Leave your hat at the door

    In New Orleans, it is illegal to wear a hat in a theater while the curtain is up. Hats are fine before the show and during intermission, if you must, but you cannot wear a hat during the performance. That goes for you, parody movie lady in the large fruit hat.

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    Silence is Golden

    In Petrolia, Ontario it is unlawful to whistle between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Shouting, yelling and "hooting" are also barred. I wonder if reruns of The Andy Griffith Show are also prohibited during these hours.

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    When Hippies Are In Charge

    In Seattle Washington, you can be fined $1 for throwing away food. A law in that city prohibits food waste, encouraging residents to compost instead. Let's see $1 per week on trash day comes to $52 per year. I think I'll just keep throwing my food away, thank you.

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    Do You Want To Build a Snowman? No Man!

    Well, you might want to build a snowman, but it is against the law in Souris on Prince Edward Island. According to the law, snowmen on corner lots towering above 30 inches (2 and a half feet) are prohibited. So, you can build Frosty's toddler, but not Frosty himself.

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