8 powerful statements by Martin Luther King Jr.

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Perhaps the most famous quote from Martin Luther King Jr., is the familiar title refrain from his “I have a dream,” speech. However, as is often the case with a historic figure who has made a landmark speech, some other quotes are not as well known or often studied. Here are a few quotes from MLK that are particularly poignant today.

“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.”

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”

“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.”

“Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it, because those who are searching forget that the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.”

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

“Everybody can be great … because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

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“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.” by U.S. Embassy New Delhi is licensed under CC BY-ND

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